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Industrial IoT Development Toolkits, helps you to build Edge, Gateway, Cloud Solutions, OPC UA and Mobile, Web & Desktop Apps faster than ever

OpenSense Platform

NodeSense.AI provides “OpenSense Framework, an Open Source Software Development Kit & IIoT Platform which helps to build Industrial IoT Applications in weeks time, accelerate time to market your IoT solution, customize and scale the system.


OpenSense supports Industrie 4.0 enablement through OPC UA stack as plug-in, interoperability, security and connectivity features are integral features of Industrie 4.0  & OpenSense framework. OpenSense can be used  in Industrie 4.0 solutions with/without OPC UA..

Edge Connect

OpenSense  Edge provides low cost, easy to deploy Edge Connect solutions,  enable  instance IoT & connectivity with millions of legacy fields devices running on RS 232/485/422, Modbus, Bacnet through WIFI, LORA, GSM Technologies

OpenSense Hybrid Cloud

OpenSense Cloud offers hybrid cloud connectivity, deploy your solutions on-premise or AWS & Azure Cloud. OpenSense Cloud provides Akka Actor based Device Twins, Control and Flow Logics, Remote Method Invocations, Remote Data Acquisitions, Data Normalization, powers Analytics and Dashboard solutions

Technology Stacks

Learn Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Hadoop,  RabbitMQ, MQTT, Apache Flink, Scala, JavaScript Technologies Stacks Node.js, React, Angular 5, Vue.js,  React Native and Node RED

Edge Gateway

OpenSense Gateway Solutions offers cluster enabled, load balanced Edge Gateway computing solution, works with parallelism and concurrency, capable of scaling from 1 gateway to 100s of gateways in the field network, manage 10000+ devices on the Field Network. Edge Gateways runs Java Application stack, powered by Akka Actors & Akka streams, Async and non-blocking I/O calls.

AWS IoT Core

Master AWS IoT Core, Device Management, Greengrass Hybrid,  IoT Analytics, AWS IoT Click, AWS IoT Button, AWS Storages, AWS IoT Device Defender and Integrating AWS IoT with Edge Devices, AWS Resource planning and Allocation for IoT Solution

OpenSense Simulation

OpenSense Simulation provides Node.js based  Device Simulation Platform with native field protocols Modbus RTU/TCP, Bacnet MS/TP, Bacnet IP,  HART, LoRA, MQTT, Ethernet/IP protocols supported. Developer & System Integrators  can easily simulate 100  to 100K devices using configuration wizards.

Industrial IoT

Build IoT Solution, SCADA, Monitoring solutions for Industrial and Manufacturing, Logistics Industries, Energy and Utilities with Modbus, CANBus, Ethernet IP, Profibus, Fieldbus, HART, DNP protocol, OPC UA.

App Development Framework

Build Cross platform Mobile, Web and Desktop apps using HTML5, JavaScript. OpenSense offers Angular and React SDKs for building Applications, uses Electron for Desktop Apps, Cordova for Mobile Apps, Progressive Web Applications for Web Browsers using Single Solutions.

Industrial IoT Challenges

Customer expectations for Industrial IoT Solution is a low cost, affordable, scalable, flexible, customizable, portable system.

Designing, Developing, Testing & Deploying IoT Applications for  Micro Controllers, Edge Devices, Edge Gateways, Edge Computing, Mobile, Web & Desktop Apps, On-Premise/Cloud setup with Connectivity, Security, Interoperability, Scalability, Certification & Conformity need massive Software and Hardware Engineering work based on the specific End User Application & Domain Model. One solution doesn’t fit all the problems. Customization & Integration with 100K manufacturers devices are key challenges faced in Industrial IoT.

Do you remember having business problem to solve as well?

Our Solution

OpenSense Framework, an Open Source Initiative in Industrial IoT, implements Actor based design model which is proven in telecommunication industry. OpenSense Enterprise provides Software Development Kit & IIoT Platform which helps to build Industrial IoT Applications in weeks time, accelerate time to market your IoT solution, customize and scale the system as needed

OpenSense SDKs and platforms take care of 75-80 % Software Engineering, Security,  Interoperability & Connectivity complexities with Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) design principles, lets you focus on solving your Business, Application Use Cases & Problems.

OpenSense  SDKs and Frameworks support Edge, Gateway, Cloud & Application Development, Mobile, Web, Desktop Application Development.  OpenSense provides Configuration Wizards, Drag & Drop features,  Data Mapping, Apps can be made with or without customization.