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Industrial IoT needs customizable solutions per application use case,  100K+ manufacturer devices to be paired together to setup IIoT solutions. Developing IIoT application is time consuming, typical timeline would be 2-3 years. OpenSense is designed from bottom up approach, right from the device connectivity, field protocols, gateways, and cloud apps integration, enable Data Acquisition, Control and Monitoring build in with the framework, support OPC UA and Open Connectivity.  OpenSense is committed to Open Source initiative, the core engine and infrastructure shall be open sourced with Apache License. 

Solving Industrial Problems


Industrial IoT Solutions need interoperability with standardisation and tailored towards plants process requirements, which varies from plant to plant. 



Every Plant has its own process when it comes to reporting, visualisation, NodeSense offers tech stack that allows easy to extend and customise the solutions with and without code through configuration. The extension helps customer to innovate their own solutions while using core stack from NodeSense.


Mobility, Desktop and Web

NodeSense offer solutions and tech stacks for mobile, browser and desktop based applications, the customers have wide variety of options for the end user applications. 

Innovation is our DNA

IoT is a field of Art, Science and Engineering blend together, innovation is core of IoT solution, bringing new ideas and solution to constrained IoT development, reduce cost and leap maximum benefits to get profitability and sustainability in the market. Our approach is NOT to teach what is IOT, instead focus on Why IOT and How to build innovative IoT products.

Our Instructors

Our trainers are professionals with decades of experience in Industrial applications 

Our trainers are experienced mentors, ranging from 12 Years to 20 years of experience in Industrial, M2M communication.

Gopalakrishnan Subramani

IoT Edge, Gateway, Cloud

Azure, AWS, Spark, Kafka, Hadoop

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