AWS IoT Training

AWS IoT Training covers complete range of AWS IoT platforms, IoT Core, IoT Device Management, AWS Greengrass, AWS IoT Analytics, AWS IoT Click, AWS IoT Button, AWS IoT Device Defender and AWS FreeRTOS open source project.

Introduction and IoT Fundamentals

Why IoT

What is IoT

How IoT works

20 min.

Elements of IoT and Architecture

Architecture of IoT

Elements of IoT [Sensors, Edge Devices, Gateways, Cloud]

Field Level Network

Mobile Network

Cloud  & Streaming, Analytics, Storage, Scalablity

Wired/Wireless Communication

Powered/Battery Operated Devices

Constrained Devices

40 min.

Edge Devices& Gateway Devices With hands-on using ESP32 (intro) & Raspberry PI using Node.js

Introduction to Edge Devices

Wired, Wireless

Serial Port/UART


ZigBee/LoRA (Concept, Ranges, use cases only)

60 min.

Sensors and Fundamentals With Hands-on lab Node.js/Raspberry PI

Sensing and Measurements

0-5 Voltage

Analog I/O

Pulse Width Mode

I2C Communication

Wiring Basics


Working with Temperature, Humidity, Light & Motion Detector Sensor

60 minutes [Fundamentals + Hands-on]

Mobile Network

60 min.

Actuators and Controllers With Hands-on using Raspberry PI with Node.js/Java

Actuators and Controllers

Controllers Introduction


Relay Switches

Servo Motors


1.Buzzer on/off

2.Relay switch on/off light

3. Light brightness adjustment

60 min.


MQTT Introduction




QOS [0, 1, 2 levels]

MQTT Message Format

Messaging, Ack format



60 min.

AWS Introduction

Introduction to Cloud, Cloud computing

IoT Problems [Data Streaming, Storage, Data Processing] and AWS Services

IoT Problems [Devices, Device Management, Communication, Security, Deployment, Provisions] Mapping to AWS IoT

90 min.

AWS IoT Core Hands-on Basic part

Introduction to AWS IoT Core


Create a Device on AWS Device Management

Send and Receive messages using MQTT using Raspberry PI and AWS IoT

60 min.

Day 2

AWS IoT Core with Device Hands-on

Working with AWS IoT Core

Device To Cloud Communication

Cloud To Device communication

Using MQTT, Web Socket, HTTP for communication

Security, TLS, SSL

Managing Device credentials

Set Device State

Read Device State

Authentication process

Understanding protocols and payloads

Using Right protocols


Pricing for IoT Core

180 min.

AWS IoT Core with AWS Services [Cloud Backend]

Storing IoT data into S3

Storing IoT Data into Dynamo DB

Data Processing with AWS Lambda

Data processing using Kinesis Data Stream

180 min.

AWS IoT Device Management

Introduction to Device Provisioning

Deployment, Tracking Location, Health

Querying device information, health

Device Groups, Network Topology, Device Hierarchy

Device onboards, Firmware Updates

120 min.

Day 3

AWS Greengrass

Introduction to Edge Network

Greengrass for Edge Network, deployment

Raspberry PI, Local setup

AWS Lambda using Greengrass

Greengrass to AWS


Near Real time controlling/ events handling

180 min.

AWS IoT Analytics

Analytics SQL Queries

Batch Queries

Live, Window based queries

Time Series data analytics

Data Storages

180 min.

AWS IoT 1-Click

AWS Lambda

1 Click Service Introduction

Single purpose sensors

60 min.

IoT Button

IoT Button Introductions

Example: Touch button to call Lambda, that sends messages and API calls

30 min.

IoT Device Defender


Security overview

30 min.

Gopalakrishnan Subramani


Mentor, Trainer, Consultant & Architect for IoT, Azure IoT & Cloud, Node, React,
Angular, Scala, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark with deep expertise in building Industrial Scada, IIoT Solutions, Web, Mobile and Backend Applications on premise and cloud infrastructure.

Mentor and Consultant for SCADA, HMI Device application using modern web technologies, excellency in IoT, Sensor, M2M connectivity, building connected, wired, wireless device applications, cloud enabling, data streaming, RESTFul Architecture, Progressive Web Applications using Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, AMPQ, MQTT, MQTT-SN, CoAP, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra & Java.