Internet of Things with Azure

NodeSense offers Azure IoT training with in depth hands-on experience. 

IoT Introduction

IoT Introduction,

What is IoT

Evolution of IoT

High level use cases and domains

10 min.

Fundamentals and Architecture

Architecture & Elements of IoT

Sensors, Controller/Actuators Network, Analytics, Gateway

Edge Device Introduction

Gateway Introduction

Cloud Introduction

20 min.

Sensors and Hardware

Sensors- Sensing/Measurement, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Flow

Controllers/Actuators – Controlling/Actuating

ADC – Analog, Digital, Pulse Mode, Voltage, ADC, Input/Output Basic, Analog, Digital, Pulse Mode, Voltage

Powering Sensors- Passive, Active Power, PoE, MilliAmp Power, Power Harvesting Sensors, Battery Power

60 min.

Edge Devices

Introduction to Micro Controller

Arduino, ARM Cortex SoCs

30 min.

Edge Devices Programming

Blink LED [Hello world of Electronics]

Reading Data from Sensors using Analog, Digital Mode

Exposing Data through Serial Port

On/Off Power Relay

Sense Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Light Intensity using Edge Devices

Ultrasonic and IR Sensors for Motion and Distance Detection

Controlling Relay to turn light on/off, LED and Buzzer

Options: [1. C Programs for ARM/TI OR

  1. Micro Python/JavaScript for ESP32]

Either 1 option provided

120 min.


Gateway Introduction

Introduction to Gateway

Role of Gateway in IoT Eco Systems

Gateway and Edge Devices Connectivity Modes

Serial Port



Gateway Solutions, Raspberry PI, Single Board Computers

30 min.

Gateway Programming on Edge Network [Hand son]

Introduction to Raspberry PI

Connecting and collecting data from Edge Devices

Quick Introduction to Node.js

Node.js is recommended due to its wider choices for IoT

Why Node.js for Gateways, Handling I/Os and Async Requests

Interfacing with Edge Devices using Serial Port

Interfacing with Edge Devices using WIFI

Interfacing with Edge Devices using BLE

[Raspberry PIs with Pre-installed SD card shall be provided]
[Participants shall do coding on key parts]

120 min.

Communication Protocol for IoT

Edge to Gateway [Discuss MQTT, CoAP, IPv6, LoRA, 6LowPAN, 802.4.15, Network, ZigBee], BLE, WIFI

CAN BUS, Serial Port, Modbus, DNP and others with use cases

Topologies [Master/Slave, Star/Mesh, Point to Point]

30 min.

Day 2

Cloud Introduction for IoT

Introduction to Cloud [Azure use case]

On premise cloud introduction [Local Control Room]

Hybrid Cloud [Cloud + On premise]

Roles and responsibilities on On premises and Online Cloud

15 min.

Azure Cloud Introduction [Part 1]

Introduction to Azure Cloud

Introductions to Regions in Azure

Concepts of Virtual Machines

Create/Stop/Start Virtual Machine

Load Balancing [Through DNS, Load Balancer,



Storages [Table, Blob/File]

30 min.

Azure Cloud Programming [Part 1] Hands on

Working with Virtual Machine [Demo] due to timing, but can show full potentials of creating, stopping, starting Virtual Machine]

Storing Documents [JSON] into Tables

Storing and Retrieving Blobs/Files

Hands-on Using Raspberry PI Node.js for client, azure for server

120 min.

Setting up Devices for Azure Programming Hands on

Connect an IoT device/gateway with Azure IoT Hub

Code Examples using Node.js

Hands-on using Raspberry PI [Wifi]

One example connecting Azure using Edge Devices over WIFI

100 min.

MQTT Introduction

MQTT Introduction

MQTT-SN Introduction

MQTT over HTTP &RESTFul Architecture for IoT

15 min.

Messaging with MQTT Programming with Azure Cloud, Hub, Storages, Blob and Tables and IoT Hub [Hands-on]

Introduction to IoT Hub Messages

Creating Events in Azure Cloud

Creating End Points in Azure Cloud

Sending messages and storing messages in IoT Azure table storages

Retrieving Data from Azure Storages

Azure IoT function Application to process the triggers/events

Use cases as below:

[Sending Temperature, Pressure, Humidity on regular interval]
[Sending events on higher temperature [alert], motion detection on security],

[Firing Buzzer on Security on response to motion detection]

150 min.

Day 3

IoT Device Management with Azure IoT Hub

Managing Edge and Gateway devices using Azure



Configuration of Devices

Monitor devices

Retire [Out of Service]

20 min.

Device Management in Details Programming [hands-on]

Device Management

Add/Remove Devices with IoT Azure Cloud

Add/Remove/Manage data subscription points

Restart the device

Examples using Node.js, Raspberry PI and Azure Cloud

90 min.

Azure Event Hub Programming [Hands-on]

Programming Events in Azure

Real time Event Streams

Batch Event Streams

90 min.

Azure Stream Analytics Programming [Hands-on]

In Motion, On the fly data ingestion

Data Processing

Aggregation with data streaming

Handling Streaming flow using SQL

Processing Data, Storing data into Azure storages like Azure SQL, Table, Blob

Scaling on large volume of data, architecture discussion

120 min.

Azure Machine Learning Programming [Hands-on]

Doing a whether forecasting system on IoT data using Azure cloud

Azure Prediction APIs

Connecting IoT Data and

[This topics discuss high level Machine Learning algorithms to give enough background for participants]

120 min.

Introduction to Azure BI [Hands-on]

Azure Power BI integration with IoT

Data Visualization

90 min.

Gopalakrishnan Subramani



Mentor, Trainer, Consultant & Architect for IoT, Azure IoT & Cloud, Node, React,
Angular, Scala, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark with deep expertise in building Industrial Scada, IIoT Solutions, Web, Mobile and Backend Applications on premise and cloud infrastructure.

Mentor and Consultant for SCADA, HMI Device application using modern web technologies, excellency in IoT, Sensor, M2M connectivity, building connected, wired, wireless device applications, cloud enabling, data streaming, RESTFul Architecture, Progressive Web Applications using Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, AMPQ, MQTT, MQTT-SN, CoAP, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra & Java.